This website contains the ancestors of my daughter, Alexandra Catlin Vaut, and related families.  It represents 50+ years of research, but still contains errors, omissions and unsupported information. I have tried to note where I have made speculative assumptions about various relationships and facts, but I know that I have not been consistent in this, so don't trust unsubstantiated information. I occasionally post versions of this tree on Ancestry and Ancestry/RootsWeb, but they will never be as up to date or complete as the version on this site. I continue working on this genealogy and make periodic changes to the data and additions to the tree. 

If you see anything wrong or questionable in my data, PLEASE contact me and let me know - particularly if you have good evidence to supplement or contradict what I have written here. I am happy to share my work with those who are serious about their own research and always willing to correct errors.


31 August 2016:

  • The publication of Such Lives As These was announced in NEHGS's American Ancestors Magazine (Vol. 17, No. 3, Fall 2016, p. 65).
  • The first of three articles drawn from research on the HART family for my book Such Lives As These has just been published in the Journal of the MoSGA. This article, "The Hart Family of Franklin County, Missouri", deals with the family from 1821/2 to 1829. Two additional articles are in preparation covering "The Pennsylvania Roots of the Hart Family of Franklin County, Missouri" (1756-1793), and "The New York Roots of the Hart Family of Franklin County, Missouri" (1793-1821/2). I plan to make available copies of these articles as they are published.
  • Based on my research into the early Quaker families of Chester Co., PA, and my discovery of large numbers of "free coloured" and (sometime) slaves in their households, I have begun a separate research project on the issue of Quakers and slavery. I will post future findings on this here.

1 August 2016: After reviewing my book Such Lives as These, the Missouri State Genealogical Association (MoSGA) Journal has requested that I produce a series of three articles on the genealogy and history of the HART family. The first of three planned articles on my HART family has been completed and submited to the MoSGS Journal for publication. This article, "The Hart Family of Franklin County, Missouri", covers the years from the arrival of Armstrong HART in Missouri ca 1821/2 until his death there in 1829.

19 July 2016: I have begun working on my wife's Pennsylvania families which include the MEEK, DOWNINGVALENTINE, EDGE, GRAY and related families of Chester and Centre counties, as well as the CATLIN, RASIN, BECK and related families of the Easteren Shore of Maryland.

28 June 2016: I added 3rd, 4th and some 5th generation descendants from Thomas and Elizabeth (ARMSTRONG) HOWARD, from the 18 Nov 1889 Chart of Mary Agnes Howard McClarren, loaned to me by Carolyn K. Howard.

16 June 2016: For several years I have been trying to use DNA analysis to determine which ROBERTS clan in Texas my great grandfather, John Henry ROBERTS (1867-1928). came from. I have begun to post progress on this search under the ROBERTS DNA Project tab on the menu bar.

15 June 2016: I am happy to announce that the NEHGS in Boston will be making Such Lives as These available through its digital library and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania has accepted it for their research library.

6 June 2016: My book Such Lives As These has been published and is available without charge at (For more information on the book click on Such Lives As These at the top of this page.)


Beware of information that is supported only by references to reference to Ancestry Family Trees and is not confirmed with other supporting evidence. I sometimes include these references to guide my own research, but you shouldn't trust such information unless you can confirm it yourself. Please cite all your sources, including this website.